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Make Christmas 2023 more memorable some 'Exclusive' Lapland Letter Extras


Personalised 'Good Child' Chocolate Bar!

Santa's special 'thank you' for being good in 2023!

This Elf-Clusive Good Child chocolate bar is the perfect way to reward your child for being 'Extra Good' this year, watch your little ones eyes light up with joy and wonders of this festive time.


NEW – Expanding Lapland Magic Snow!

Looks and feels like real Lapland Snow for days!

This Elf-Clusive Watch in wonder as it magically expands, looks and feels like real snow for days!Delivered in a silver foiled envelope with an official Lapland stamp. Simply add cold water and watch as it magically expands to over 500% in size, a magical way of being a touch of Lapland magic to your home.

ELF NOTE: Expands to over 500% in size, days of magical fun included!

Magical Santa Reindeer Food

Magical Reindeer Food - Including Magical Moon Sparkles

Only available with a Lapland Letter!

Only available with Lapland Letters! SECRET RECIPE made by the one and only Mrs Claus!! Using natural ingredients and authentic Lapland Magical Moon Sparkles too.

This item is a must for any child with an imagination who believes in Christmas. Simply sprinkle outside only on Christmas Eve just before bedtime to guide the reindeers to your home.

PLEASE NOTE: Magical star dust will only work on Christmas eve!

Santa Star

Elf-Clusive - Santa's Magical Wishing Stars

Each Santa Wishing Star can be filled out by your child asking Santa for a Magical Wish, then hung as a Christmas decoration as a reminder to be good and hope their wish comes true! - Wishes must be wriiten and made before 24th December 2023.

Help your child's wishes come true with our Magical Santa Wishing Stars!

Santa's Magic Key

Magical Santa Key - Personalised to your child

These Elf-clusive Santa Keys are designed to make this Christmas 2023 more Magical than ever.

Add a Personalised Santa key to your Lapland Letter. Ideal for homes with or without a chimney to add some extra magic on Christmas Eve. Santa’s Magic Key will make sure Santa is able to deliver your child’s presents this Christmas Day.

Our Personalised Santa Keys are solid vintage Lapland brass and include a Personalised Key Tag attached to a Candy Cane string. The Key Tag is individually personalised by the Elves at the Lapland Workshop to include your loved one’s name and year. Every Christmas Key is also signed from Santa too.

Add your Personalised Santa Key to your Lapland Letter Order today!

Personalised Christmas Box - Magical Keepsake

The most magical keepsake for all your Personalised Santa Letters!

An Elf-Clusive addition and first for Lapland Letters. Our personalised Christmas Boxes for Letters are an ideal keepsake for any child.

Designed in the new Lapland Letter theme, the 2023 Stamp Edition will be personalised with your child’s full name, home address and signed by your choice of Santa Claus or Father Christmas too, making this Christmas box unique in so many ways.

Elf-Clusively made by our Lapland Elves at the Lapland Workshop, these wooden boxes are hand crafted from premium natural wood, and each box features a vintage style latch and hinged lid to reveal your personalised Christmas memories inside.

Order your Personalised Christmas Box with your Lapland Letter today!

NEW Personalised Christmas Gift Sack - Collectable Item

The most authentic looking gift bag for delivering their presents on Christmas Day!

Our Lapland Christmas gift sack is perfect for holding all your child’s presents from Santa, either under the tree, at the end of their bed, or by the fireplace. Featuring our magical Lapland stamp design, you can add their name, a date, and your choice of Santa or Father Christmas, so that it becomes completely unique to your child.

These extra-large, natural jute sacks are made from quality jute fabric with a fine weave, finished with an overlocking stitch on three sides. Printed here at the Lapland Workshop, these premium gift bags are a wondrous way to add the final touches of Christmas magic this year.

Order your Personalised Christmas Gift Sack with your Lapland Letter today!

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