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Personalise your Letter from Santa or Father Christmas in many ways…

An exclusive Lapland Letter is personalised in many magical ways. Santa Claus also changes his letters every year so a different one is sent out year after year, you can also personalise your letter from Santa Letter or Father Christmas, with the option to also add your very own personal message from Santa at the bottom of your Christmas Letter too.

Step 1 - Select Your Letter

Simply choose from one of 10 NEW letters and designs for your Santa Letter, then fill in your child's personalisation details including your child's age, present wish, friend's name, their home town and lots more. Lastly, select if you would like the letter from Santa or Father Christmas.

Santa Letter One, Christmas is Near> view Santa Letter 1
Santa Letter Two, The Travelling Elf> view Santa Letter 2
Santa Letter Three, Santa's Good List 2023 > view Santa Letter 3
Santa Letter Four, Rudolph's Test Flight> view Santa Letter 4
Santa Letter Five, Tinker Box the Helpful Elf> view Santa Letter 5
Santa Letter Six, Older Child Never Stop Believing> view Santa Letter 6
Santa Letter Seven, The True Magic of Christmas> view Santa Letter 7
Santa Letter Eight, Baking Magic with Mrs Claus> view Santa Letter 8
Santa Letter Nine, First Year at School Letter> view Santa Letter 9
Santa Letter Ten, Baby's First Christmas Letter> view Santa Letter 10

All letters include Secret Santa map and Lapland envelope

Step 2 - Claim your Magical offer - Inc Free Gifts

  • Santa Postcard
    > New for 2023, an amazing sticker set that includes Elf-Clusive Lapland Postal stamps, plus some wondrous Elf stamps too!
  • Santa 2023 santa activities
    > New for 2023, the bumper elf activity sheet, full of games, activities for all ages, and some most delightful Elf Trixie jokes
  • Stop Here Sign
    > Updated Postal Design - Santa Please Stop Here Poster - We've Got Cookies!
  • 2023 Good Child Certificate
    > Thank You Santa Postcard with a special note to Santa
  • Good Child Certificate
    > 2023 Early Bird Offer - Only with an Activity Pack Selected. FREE Good Child Certificate, FREE Wish List, plus bonus gifts - Christmas Countdown and Xmas Eve Santa Treat Sheet

Step 3 - Personalise your Santa Letter

Please enter the personalised details for your child's letter.

Child's Age:

Step 4 - Your Details and Delivery Address

*Please Note: your Name and Email Address will not appear on the Lapland Letter.

150 characters left

Step 5 - Add a Text Message from Santa

Step 6 - Add Some Magical Santa Extras


Delivery Options

Your Lapland Order

2023 Personalised Lapland Letter, Santa Map and Lapland Envelope £7.00
Lapland BUMPER Activity Pack - Poster, Activity Sheets, NEW Sticker Pack and more!
Early Bird Offer - FREE Personalised 2023 Nice List Certificate.
BONUS GIFTS Wish List, Christmas Count Down and Santa Treat Sheet.
TOTAL £10.00


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