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Early Bird Offer!
Claim your Free Gifts Today

Offer applies when you include a Santa Bumper Activity Pack

Don't miss out! Add a Santa BUMPER Activity Pack to your Lapland Letter today to claim your FREE gifts, including:

  • FREE 2023 Personalised Good Child Certificate
  • FREE Christmas Wish List
  • FREE Countdown to Christmas Chart
  • FREE Christmas Eve Santa Treat Sheet

Free Gifts worth over £7

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New for 2023 - Letter from Santa

Choose from 10 New Letters for 2023 - Each Includes a Santa Letter, Santa Map, Envelope and Postage

Each 2023 Santa letter includes a bespoke personalised letter to your child printed onto our beautiful Lapland paper, secret santa map, sealed into our bespoke Lapland Envelope including FREE UK Postage.

  • 2023 Personalised Letter from Santa
  • EXCLUSIVE Stamped lapland envelope
  • NEW Secret Santa map
  • FREE UK delivery / Worldwide dispatch
only £7.00inc Free UK Delivery
  • Lapland Letter 1 small > Personalised Lapland Letter
  • Lapland Envelope > Lapland Stamped Envelope
  • Secret Santa Map > FREE Secret Santa Map
Updated For 2023

Santa BUMPER Activity Pack - NEW

Includes your Sticker Pack and FREE Christmas Wish List, Christmas Count Down and Santa Treat Sheet.

All letters have the option to add our NEW 2023 Bumper Santa Activity Packs with so many magical extras Elf-clusive to Lapland Letters.

only £3.00inc NEW Magical Extras
  • Door hanger > New Sticker Set - An amazing sticker set that includes Elf-Clusive Lapland Postal stamps, plus some wondrous Elf stamps too!
  • Puzzles > New Activity Pack - Elf Games, including activities for all ages including the new Elf Astro challenge, with some Elf Trixie jokes too.
  • Stop Here Sign > 2023 Updated Design - Santa Stop Here Poster - We've Got Cookies Design
  • Santa postcard > Lapland Elf-clusive - Thank You Santa Postcard with special note to Santa
  • Santa postcard > Early Bird Offer - FREE 2023 Good Child Certificate, Christmas Wish List, plus Bonus Gifts: Christmas Countdown and Santa Treat Sheet.

Limited 2022 Santa Letter Offer

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